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We save you energy, so you save resources.

Unify Energy Solutions provides energy management and automation solutions that reduce the cost of your property’s primary sources of energy consumption: HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration and access control.

Use Cases


An internationally renowned Fortune 500 health care enterprise with medical centers throughout the United States and in ten additional countries across the globe.
Unify Energy Solutions partnered with the largest national Dialysis Clinic’s Energy/Sustainability Department and CBRE to reduce the company’s energy consumption by 15%. 


One of the world’s leading financial groups with a global network of 2,700 offices, locations in over 50 markets, and approximately 360 years of history. 

Unify Energy Solutions teamed up with this Financial Institution to reduce their energy consumption and provide visibility into the operational assets of their financial centers.


One of Texas’s leading community learning institutions, serving the coastal region of Southeast Texas for over 50 years.

Unify Energy Solutions worked with this Educational Institution to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint, lower its energy consumption, and enhance students’ learning experience by providing modern, technological energy management systems for its buildings.

Our Mission

Positively impacting the lives of those we serve through Innovative Solutions.

Living up to our mission:

Achieving our mission requires more than expertise, tools and technology, it requires human connection and compassion. The Unify Way is our guiding philosophy that ensures we live up to our mission.


Our Success

The original UES Team has worked with each other for over 30 years. The relationships that we have built and continue to build in this industry is what sets us apart. Unify is chosen not only for it’s outstanding service and intellectual ability, but for it’s people…


Unify’s User Interface Control Dashboard

The Unify cloud Enterprise dashboard Incorporates modern design for an approachable building automation system that puts complete control and monitoring solutions at your fingertips.

  • Analytics
  • Maintenance
  • Alarm Management

Unify Energy Solutions is a technology firm with innovative and turnkey solutions, but the real value we offer is our commitment and our people.

We Want You To Succeed. We Will Train You

At Unify Energy Solutions, we believe that the customer that knows their system thoroughly is the one that gets the most out of it. Because of this, we have dedicated staff whose sole responsibility is training. Whether your goal is to simply set schedules for when your equipment runs, or you want to be able to completely install and program the system yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Learn More About Training


Access the Unify Energy Solutions’ Insights Library for the latest information on our industry, technology, and solutions.

Unify supports our maintenance staff in a timely manner with top notch expertise.  Their attention to detail make it clear they personally care about the services they provide.

Edwin Bennett, TSU

It has been a pleasure working with Unify over the past few years. They have been a great partner and always provided DBR with excellent services. Unify’s skills and dedication have helped us complete a variety of successful projects and we highly recommend them for all control and energy management services.

Ayman H. Ashkar, DBR
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