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Outside Air Optimization

So why bring in outside air into buildings? Occupied buildings are full of people and chemicals that could be harmful to human health. This “dirty”, unhealthy air comes from fabrics off gassing, cleaning supplies, Human metabolism, perfumes, colognes, and the list goes on. Less than desirable air can also be exhausted directly from bathrooms, kitchens,

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What is BAS/BMS?

BAS (Building Automation System) and BMS (Building Management System) are terms for the same thing. A computer based centralized system that monitors and controls a buildings heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Energy Management systems (EMS) are typically a system of computer-based tools used by operators of an electric utility grid. However, years ago

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HVAC Zone Damper and Control System

HVAC Zone Damper Control usually comes in two types and they are typically used for controlling the temperature a single room or a small area. The first control type is known as “Pressure Dependent” and the second type is “Pressure Independent”. A “Pressure Dependent” Damper Control can be just a controllable damper in the ductwork

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